Photographic evidence of the Iraqi regime's destruction in Kuwait from August 1990 through February 1991
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Overview: The Human Cost
Kuwait's Martyrs 1

Ahmad Khaleel Al-Yacoub
Ahmad Khalaf Al-Enezi
Ahmad Khaled Al-Bolushi
Ahmad Hamza Sanaseeri
Ahmad Hussein Al-Enezi
Ahmad Hussein Al-Asfour
Ahmad Ibrahim Yousef
Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Tararwah
Ahmad Aber Al-Enezi
Ahmad Safar Abul Hassan
Ahmad Sabar Al-Fadli
Ahmad Saleh Al-Enezi
Ahmad Shuheib Hamoud
Ahmad Shams Al-Deen
Ahmad Salem Al-Foudary
Ahmad Saket Al-Enezi
Ahmad Abdullah Khamees
Ahmad Abdullah Al-Ansari
Ahmad Abdullah Ghloum Sanad
Ahmad Abdullah Al-Kindary
Ahmad Abdulatif Al-Bahar
Ahmad Abdulrahman Al-Ghayeb
Ahmad Abdulrahman Al-Rifaei
Ahmad Ayed Al-Enezi
Ahmad Mohamed Al-Ghanim
Ahmad Mubarak Al-Azmi
Ahmad Ali Abdullah
Ahmad Ali Arnan
Ahmad Abdullah Hadi
Ahmad Abdullah Bohamdi
Ahmad Abdullah Al-Qallaf
Ahmad Abdullah Al-Ahmad
Ahmad Nassar Batti
Ahmad Nazzal Al-Enezi
Ahmad Mutlaq Al-Dujeini
Ahmad Mustafa Al-Salem
Ahmad Marzouq Al-Dousary
Ahmad Mahmoud Al-Hattab
Ahmad Mahmoud Qabazard
Ahmad Mohammed Al-Fuheid
Inaam Sayed Al-Eidan
Inaam Saeed Al-Mazatti
Amir Abbas Dashti
Amal Abdullah Al-Roweh
Ashraf Mahmoud Abdullah
Asaad Ali Al-Sultan
Asrar Mohamed Al-Qabandi
Osama Sultan Al-Khalaf

These are the names of the 1,306 Kuwaiti citizens and non-citizens who died due to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. In addition to those killed, numerous more were severely injured, both civilian and military. Still missing are 368 people. Among the survivors are thousands who endured physical and mental torture.

This list includes men and women, civilians and soldiers, young and old. The ages range from premature infants who had no incubators because of looting at hospitals to an 85 year old great grandfather.

They are all considered to be martyrs for Kuwait.

The names in Arabic below the photos read from right to left, top to bottom, alphabetically by first name. The English translations read from left to right, top to bottom.


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