Photographic evidence of the Iraqi regime's destruction in Kuwait from August 1990 through February 1991
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Overview: The Human Cost
The Americans 1

Out of the more than a half million US troops that aided in Kuwait’s liberation, 407 perished. Their names are listed on this page and the following page.

The list includes combat and non-combat deaths from all four branches of the armed services. The most losses in descending order were from the Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy. Of the total American force, figures vary from 36,000 to nearly 50,000 on the number of female soldiers. This represents 5-9%. Different sources list a range of 13-16 servicewomen among those who died.

In addition, a total of 467 men and women are said to have been wounded in action and 46 were POWs. Of those captured, 25 died while interned and 21 were returned.

In total, the coalition forces counted nearly 700 dead and about 800 wounded during the events leading up to, including, and immediately following Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Desert Sabre. Most of those killed and wounded were Americans. The nations with the next highest casualties were Saudi Arabia and Senegal.

Thomas R. Adams, Jr.
Andy Alaniz
Frank C. Allen
Michael R. Allen
David R. Ames
Michael F. Anderson
Tony R. Applegate
Jorge I. Arteaga
Steven Atherton
Allen M. Auger
Hans C. R. Avey
Russell F. Awalt
Stanley W. Bartusiak
Donald R. Bates
Tommie W. Bates
Cindy M. Beaudoin
Lee A. Belas
Michael L. Belliveau
Alan H. Benningfield
Stephen E. Bentzlin
Kurt A. Benz
Dennis W. Betz
Scott F. Bianco
Thomas C. Bland, Jr.
John P. Blessinger
Tommy A. Blue
Jeffrey J. Bnosky
John A. Boliver, Jr.
Joseph P. Bongiorni, III
Tyrone R. Bowers
Charles L. Bowman, Jr.
John T. Boxler
William C. Brace
Douglas L. Bradt
Cindy D. J. Bridges
Roger P. Brilinski, Jr.
Tracy D. Brogdon
Tyrone M. Brooks
Christopher B. Brown
Darrell K. Brown
James R. Brown
Steven A. Budizan
Paul G. Buege
Ricky Lee Bunch
Paul L. Burt
Michael R. Butch
Tommy D. Butler
William T. Butts
Andrew T. Cady
Thomas R. Caldwell
Kevin L. Calloway
John F. Campisi
Jason C. Carr
Hector Carranza, Jr.
Monray C. Carrington
Clarence A. Cash
Christopher J. Chapman
Richard W. Chase
Michael L. Chinburg
Barry M. Clark
Beverly S. Clark
Larry M. Clark
Otto F. Clark
Steven D. Clark
Marc H. Cleyman
Michael E. Codispodo
Gerald A. Cohen
Melford R. Collins
Mark A. Connelly
Michael R. Conner, Sr.
Patrick K. Connor
Barry T. Cooke
Michael D. Cooke
Ardon B. Cooper
Charles W. Cooper
Dallas R. Cooper
Dale T. Cormier
William T. Costen
Ismael Cotto
Gary W. Crask
Alan B. Craver
James F. Crockford
William D. Cronin, Jr.
Mark R. Cronquist
Shirley M. Cross
David R. Crumby, Jr.
James B. Cunningham
John J. Curtin
Michael C. Dailey, Jr.
Roy T. Damian, Jr.
Candace M. Daniel
Michael D. Daniels
Donald Danielson
Robert L. Daugherty, Jr.
Manuel M. Davila
Marty R. Davis
Tatiana Dees
Rolando A. Delagneau
Delwin Delgado
Luis R. Delgado
Thomas M. Diffenbaugh
Gary S. Dillon
Young Min Dillon
Kevin R. Dolvin
Patrick A. Donaldson
Joseph D. Dougherty, III
David A. Douthit
David Q. Douthit
Robert L. Durrell
Robert J. Dwyer
Jonathan R. Edwards
Paul R. Eichenlaub, II
Dorothy L. Fails
Mario Fajardo
Steven P. Farnen
Eliseo C. Felix
Douglas L. Fielder
George S. Finneral
Michael L. Fitz
Anthony J. Fleming
Joshua J. Fleming
Gilbert A. Fontaine
Ira L. Foreman
John C. Fowler
Arthur Galvan
Samuel M. Gardner, Jr.
Mike A. Garrett
Phillip M. Garvey
Arthur O. Garza
Daniel Garza
Pamela Y. Gay
Kenneth B. Gentry
John H. Gillespie
David A. Gilliland
Robert G. Godfrey
Mark J. Gologram
John M. Gordon
Daniel E. Graybeal
Troy L. Gregory
William D. Grimm
Jorge L. Guerrero
Albert G. Haddad
Thomas J. Haggerty
Garland V. Hailey
Tracy Hampton
Joe H. Hancock
Steven M. Hansen
Michael A. Harris, Jr.
Timothy R. Harrison
Adrian J. Hart
Raymond E. Hatcher, Jr.
Jimmy D. Haws
James D. Hawthorne
Wade E. Hector
Eric D. Hedeen
Kerry P. Hein
Leroy E. Hein, Jr.
Barry K. Henderson
Luis A. Henry-Garay
David R. Herr, Jr.
Rosendo Herrera
James P. Heyden
David L. Heyman
Timothy E. Hill
Kevin J. Hills
Adam T. Hoage
Robert K. Hodges
Larry G. Hogan
Donnie R. Holland
Duane W. Hollen, Jr.
David C. Hollenbeck
William A. Holt
Ron Holyfield
Peter S. Hook
Raymond L. Horwath
Aaron W. Howard
Robert J. Hughes
Rande J. Hulec
Daniel V. Hull
Patrick R. Hurley
William J. Hurley
Mark E. Hutchinson
John W. Hutto
Wilton L. Huyghue
Arthur Jackson
Kenneth J. Jackson
Mark D. Jackson
Timothy J. Jackson
Jimmy W. James
Thomas R. Jarrell
Thomas A. Jenkins
Dale W. Jock
Daniel D. Joel
Alexander Jones
Daniel M. Jones
Glen D. Jones
Phillip J. Jones
Troy Josiah
Johnathan H. Kamm
Damon V. K. Kanuha
Kenneth T. Keller
Patrick S. Kelley
Nathaniel H. Kemp
Frank S. Keough

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