Photographic evidence of the Iraqi regime's destruction in Kuwait from August 1990 through February 1991
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It is human to resist recalling painful memories, but without recollection we risk becoming complacent and preventing dire events from being repeated. Without recollection, we display ingratitude by turning our backs on the people who made sacrifices for the rest of us.

About a third of Kuwait's population was born after the occupation and, to many youths, the events of 1990- 1991 are ancient history. They live in a fast-paced, gadget-filled universe that leaves little time for reflection on the past and on the intangible.

In the areas most visible to most people – the cities and towns – the new Kuwait shows few signs of the invasion even though the scale of the property destruction was the most immense per capita in modern history.

The largely unseen evidence lingers in the desert and in the hearts of those who suffered physical or mental injuries, lost loved ones, or beheld incomprehensible brutality and acts of hatred from their neighbors north of the border.

It is fitting to see the many monuments and memorials for the people who can never be thanked enough – the heroes and heroines of the Resistance, the soldiers who fought against impossible odds, and all the other martyrs. It is reassuring to see our nation engaging in month-long festivities and events in celebration of the 20th anniversary of our joyous Liberation Day.

Whether uplifting, bittersweet, or painful, we welcome all our thoughts of remembrance.

The New Kuwait
Kuwait City's skyline today does not resemble that of 1990. Scores of high-rise commercial and residential buildings have redefined the city's look and feel. Now under construction is Kuwait's ambitious project, the 412-meter (1,352 ft) sculpted Al-Hamra Tower. It will be one of the world's tallest skyscrapers.
The New Kuwait

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