Photographic evidence of the Iraqi regime's destruction in Kuwait from August 1990 through February 1991
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About the Author

From this collection, he chose for this website 1,100 images of the wreckage plus 100 new photos to stress the invasion's Human Cost. Despite the scale of this undertaking, too much was wrecked for one person to record entirely. The images only hint at the flames' heat and height, the size of the black plume, the odor of oil burning and roads lined with garbage and corpses, and a liberated people's joy mingled with shock and despair.


This website is an extension of three Al-Yousifi books: The Evidence, Evidence II: a Study of the Damage to Kuwait from the Iraqi Invasion of 1990-1991, and Free Kuwait: a Testimony from London. Al-Yousifi worked as a volunteer photographer for the Free Kuwait Campaign in London during the occupation. All photos here are his, including those of dioramas depicting the invasion, occupation, and war from the Bait Al-Watani museum.

Free Kuwait Campaign
Free Kuwait Campaign
Throughout 1990-1991, Kuwaitis organized protest marches in London to demand withdrawal of Iraqi troops and restoration
of their government. Like thousands of Kuwaitis, Adel Al-Yousifi was stranded abroad when the invasion occurred.